E Juice Ingredients

Ejuice ingredients, VG and PG information

If you are a regular smoker and are trying to enter into the "vaping sector", which provides you with a healthier lifestyle, then you are probably wondering about what goes into your body instead of the toxic smoke.

E-liquids consists of four ingredients; VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or PG (Propylene Glycol) base or combination of both, water, nicotine, and flavorings. Each has its own flavors and provides a different sense of taste.

Vaping has become all the new rage, even the NY Times did an article on the growing trend.

If you want to try making your own ejuice, you might want to go with a diy ejuice kit that already comes with everything you need to get started.

The Different Bases (PG vs VG) 

The bases PG or VG holds up the nicotine, water and the flavoring ingredients so that the e-cigarette can provide you with the smoke like vapor, which you have always enjoyed. The PG and the VG are both non-toxic organic compounds found in various food additives in most commonly sold commercial products.


The propylene Glycol is the most popularly used base in e-cigarettes, because of its thin constituency. It is runnier than the VG base. Propylene Glycol is a tasteless, odorless liquid which doesn’t alter the flavoring of the liquid that is added to it. It also produces a similar hit to the throat like how a tobacco cigarette does. However, several individuals may not be comfortable with the PG base as it may cause irritation of the throat. For those individuals and for the non-likers of the hit-throat feeling, Vegetable Glycerin can be can be a great choice.


VG is thicker when compared to PG and significantly provides more vapers with a less hit-throat feeling. It is also slightly sweet in taste, which along with the flavoring reagents makes the vapor a sweeter one. VG, because of its high consistency does not provide allergic reactions. Need more information?

Which one should you go for?

So, which one is the most used by the vapers? The answer is pretty much divided as there are equal users of both the bases. While some adore the hit-throat feel, some feel that sweet taste gets them more linked with the e-cigarettes. Some even mix up 50-50% of VG and PG bases to get the sweet taste coupling with the hit-throat feel. So, choose your preferences from both the bases and you can end up with a choice that can satisfy your need.

So now that you have decide which version of liquid nicotine/e-juice you want to use you need to get a vaporizer. If you are into heavy-duty box modes check out the innokin vtr. If you are using a box mod you will want to make sure that you use legit batteries and a legit charger.