AL-1, RBA - Rebuildable Atomizer for Vaping Box Mods


Introducing a new genesis RBA the AL-1.

It's the AC9's little brother. It's a smaller, lighter, and cheaper option than the AC9 with some updated features that will be found on the AC9 V2. 


  • 22.225 mm (7/8 inch) OD
  • Just over 50mm tall (not including 510 connection). Which is about 25mm shorter than the AC9.
  • Weights in a a minuscule 0.7 oz.
  • All brass positive post and ground screw (we use 464 Brass also known as Naval Brass, or Lead-Free Naval brass, it is completely lead free and has a corrosion resistance comparable to 304 Stainless steel).
  • Aluminum body (which is even more conductive than brass), to offer excellent conductivity. Aluminum is anodized to insulate the entire atomizer, so you can't short to the deck, or the bottom of the tank. As a result, the wick hole is insulated as well.
  • Conductive portions of the aluminum (the threads) are coated to offer excellent corrosion resistance and to ensure that no bare aluminum comes in contact with your juice (which really isn't a problem, but it bothers some.
  • Same 3.5 mm wick hole as the AC9. Same basic setup all-around under the cap.
  • 3 mL tank (measured juice capacity with a wick in the tank).
  • Tank made from lab grade borosilicate glass. (same as lab Pyrex, household Pyrex is mostly soda-lime glass)
  • Duel stacked 1mm Airholes.
  • Drip-tip is part of the top cap, which reduces height by nearly 7mm, and reduces the air chamber size in the top cap.
  • Comes with a bag of extra parts.

Video Overview and Review of the AL-1